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Seat Side Airbag Deployment:  GT Covers Seat Covers

Most vehicles built today offer side airbag protection.  They can be installed in either the seat or the door.  If your vehicle has seat side airbags, it is important for the seat cover to break away so that the airbag can properly deploy.  GT Covers custom made seat covers do include a tear away section specially designed to accommodate proper airbag deployment.   Additionally, our seat covers have completed safety testing by MGA Research Corporation, an independent safety testing company, and passed their high standards for safety.

We have put together a couple of videos so you can see exactly how this works. 

Front View Side View


Product Selection:

When shopping, simply select the version of your seat that states specifically that it is made for seat airbags, and you can be assured that in the event of an accident, your seat airbag will properly deploy through your GT Cover seat covers.


 If you have further questions about seat covers and seat side airbags, please don't hesitate to contact us