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Pet Car Seat Covers and Pet Travel

GT Covers if often asked about the recommended ways for protecting a vehicles interior when traveling with dogs and cats.  Our Endura Seat Cover Fabric is definitely the fabric of choice for pet car seat covers.  The Endura fabric is not only waterproof to protect from pet accidents, but it also protects from claw marks and even prohibits the pet hair from accumulating.   It is easy to clean and is available for both front and back seats. 

We are able to make custom seat covers to fit your seats configurations exactly.  So, to begin your order process, just select your make and model and when you get to the fabric selection step, see the Endura Waterproof fabric options.  We have 18 options to choose from on-line and are regularly adding more.  If you don't see a color you are looking for, just fill out our pattern request form and we are sure to be able to find it for you. 


What is the GT Covers Pet Protection Plan?

The GT Covers Pet Protection Plan is our suggestion that you pair the sturdy and pet proof Endura fabric seat covers in your vehicles back seats, while pairing it with a soft and comfortable Velour in the front in a complimentary color.  See below for an example of how beautiful this fabric combination can look.