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Installation Guide and Videos 

Seat cover installation varies with the style and vehicle. The front seats are easily installed with the help of a butter knife or sturdy ruler to guide the flaps into place. No tools are required. Back seats in SUVs can be installed without removing the seats because they hinge forward. In sedans and coupes you have to remove the bottom section of the seat. Most makes have a quick release for the bottom section. Then simply removing two bolts at the base with a wrench should allow the back to unhook. To assist you with the installation, we send instructions along with your seat covers.

You may also download a copy of our Installation Instructions (1 MB, Adobe Reader required).


Front Buckets

Front Buckets with Airbag

Front Captain's Chairs

Front 40/20/40 Bench

Rear 50/50 Bench

Middle Captain's Chairs

Rear 60/40 Bench with Armrest

Rear 60/40 Bench without Armrest