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Exact Fit Chevrolet Tracker Seat Covers

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Tracker 4DR Sport Utility Seat Covers

Tracker 4DR Sport Utility 1999  2000  2001  2002  2003 

Available Fabrics

Choose your vehicle from the list above and choose from the following fabrics in the next step(s). Pricing is for entire row (Ex. Both front seats, entire back row).

Price: $267.00/row

Price: $292.00/row

Price: $332.00/row

Price: $330.00/row

Price: $331.00/row

Price: $391.00/row

Genuine Leather
Price: $509.00/row

Price: $343.00/row

Deluxe Leather
Price: $509.00/row

Price: $312.00/row

Spacer Mesh
Price: $185.00/row

Custom Fit Seat Covers for Your Chevrolet Tracker
Customer Reviews
GT Covers Customer Review

"I rarely find a product that so exceeds my expectations that I find it essential that I write a letter of thanks, but your GT Covers are so great I had to do so. Thanks! I only wish I had ordered them sooner, they make the car look almost new inside. The fit is nearly perfect and they clearly have been cut to a model of my particular seats; they are not one-size-fits-nearly-all covers. I bought them knowing I'm going to be selling the car in the next six months or so, and the front seats are about the only things that show much wear. Now that they look new, the entire interior looks great. I'm sure it will add a couple of hundreds of dollars to the price I get as well as make the car sell even quicker."

Why Choose GT Covers?

GT Covers are crafted to fit your make, model and year of vehicle to exact specifications including seat belt cutouts, gear shifts, arm rests and head rests. Our 30+ years experience in crafting custom fit seat covers has enabled us to stock an inventory of patterns and fabrics second to none.

  • Exact Fit to Your Vehicle
  • Quality Foam Backing
  • Arm & Head Rests Included*
  • Air Bag Cutouts
  • Safety Tested
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Easy Installation
  • Made in the USA

* does not apply to Sheepskin Covers

Custom fit seat covers are available in a variety of colors and fabrics. Whether you are looking for Genuine Leather, Velour, Neoprene, Sheepskin, Waterproof Endura, Leatherette, or Microfiber, you are sure to find a quality OEM material that will beautifully match your vehicle’s interior.