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Exact Fit Seat Covers

Fabrics and Colors
Genuine Leather Seat Covers

Genuine Leather
Price: $414.00/row

Neoprene Seat Covers

Price: $290.00/row

Leatherette Seat Covers

Price: $249.00/row

Sheepskin Seat Covers

Price: $679.95/row

Velour Seat Covers

Price: $228.00/row

Microfiber Seat Covers

Price: $290.00/row

Endura Seat Covers


Exotic Seat Covers

Price: $269.00/row

Deluxe Leather Seat Covers

Deluxe Leather
Price: $414.00/row

Camouflage Seat Covers


Overstock Velour Seat Covers

Price: $199.95/row

Spacer Mesh Seat Covers

Spacer Mesh
Price: $145.00/row

Customer Reviews
GT Covers Customer Review

"I purchased your Endura covers for my 2002 Durango. As soon as I opened the package, I noticed the quality in workmanship. They fit like a glove on the leather seats in my truck; they look even better than factory installed! I commend you for making such great product and I am proud that I purchased American quality! I will order covers from your company for my other two cars. Thanks!!"

Why Choose GT Covers?

GT Covers exact fit seat covers are crafted to fit your make, model and year of vehicle to exact specifications including seat belt cutouts, gear shifts, arm rests and head rests. Our 30+ years experience in crafting exact fit seat covers has enabled us to stock an inventory of patterns and fabrics second to none.

  • Exact Fit to Your Vehicle
  • Quality Foam Backing
  • Arm & Head Rests Included*
  • Air Bag Cutouts
  • Safety Tested
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Easy Installation
  • Made in the USA

* does not apply to Sheepskin Covers

Exact Fit Seat Covers